how to make money from home 2019-2020

#how to make money from home 2019-2020: Work from home? Or the dream of being able to live anywhere or traveling around the world and making money only from your laptop is a dream that has become more and more realistic in recent years.

how to make money from home
how to make money from home

6- suggestions on how to make money online - from home or on the go
Here are a number of options for those who want to make money online:

1. Online Freelancer
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Professional blogger
4. Surveys
5. Make videos for Youtube and Fiverr
6. Social media community management
7. Write an e-book

The internet has made it possible for everyone to make money and work online just by having a computer and an internet connection. Take the matter on your own and start making money online.

The Benefits of Making Money on the Internet Flexibility, no transport time, low overheads, freedom and the possibility of passive income are some of the things that attract people.

The ability to stay home with the family, the opportunity to buy the dream home in the cheap but and still make money has also been highlighted as great benefits by those who work and make money online.

Most people just want to make some extra money next to their jobs - but it can also be that for various reasons you have ended up abroad and find it difficult to get a job locally. In either case, an online income can be an option.

The disadvantages of making money online
It can be lonely not to have colleagues and it requires great self-discipline to have to control when you work - and where to stay free. In addition, one does not guarantee a certain income but is left to his own skill, luck, and chance. It clearly requires ice in the stomach. Unless you have managed to create a passive income, it is also a challenge when working online as an independent person that you do not get paid if you are sick.

Suggestions on how to make money on the Online
Here are a number of options for those who want to make money on the Internet:

1. Online Freelancer
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Professional blogger
4. Surveys
5. Make videos for Youtube and Fiverr
6. Social media community management
7. Write an e-book

1. Online freelancer:
As an online freelancer you can work from anywhere in the world you want. It is a hard but safe and concrete way to work online. It cannot really be made passive or scaled up. You sell your hours. But if you are skilled and hard-working then you can earn good money. There are also many opportunities to develop your online business as you develop.

The good thing about working freelance is that you rarely run any risk. If you have a job, you start to fix it. Once the task is solved, you have earned your money. It's super simple but requires that you have some skills that make you worthy of hiring.

The following skills are in demand online:

** Text Writing** - and you don't have to be an author or a trained journalist in any way to get started. The salary is not high, but the market is huge (even in the US, UK, Canada etc) and one can almost get endless amounts of work. So if you want to make money writing then you can create yourself.

**Graphic Design**- here you have to be good or cheap. If you are not good, then I suggest you hurry to become good so you can get a decent salary. On the other hand, graphics Design is highly paid and it can be a very good solution. But be aware that the competition is great and you have to work hard.

**Websites and programming** - No surprise that you can work online with programming and building websites. However, the competition is huge and the market is only lucrative if you find a way to automate or you become "a name" within this niche.

**Proofreading and translation** - proofreading and translation have traditionally always been freelance work - and it is obvious to do as an online freelancer.

About online freelancing
Most online freelancers from in any country find it difficult to compete on the price with the rest of the world, so it is a good idea as a freelancer to approach the Freelancer market where you have a background that makes you particularly qualified and can speak more directly with customers.

When starting up as a freelancer, it is super important to build up a good reputation and strip of happy customers. Often it will be a good idea to work for free or make extraordinary efforts.

Places to start offering your services:

2. Affiliate marketing:
Affiliate marketing is hard work, but you can create a good passive income along the way if you are skilled and hardworking.

Affiliate marketing is basically about referring others to a webshop (for example by reporting a product) and then you receive a percentage of what you refer to the buyer for.

I use myself primarily for Partner ads as an "Affiliate network". When you create a network you get access to the webshop that has signed up. Then start work on creating a blog, writing reviews, helping others, creating credibility and being authentic and attracting readers.

You can make a lot of money on the affiliate. Many Country and especially many Americans live exclusively from affiliate marketing. If you want to be serious about it, you should consider membership of the forum or group where some of the sharpest marketers are ready to help. You will absolutely learn a lot about online marketing - just by seeing the more than 10 article webinars serving it all on a silver platter.

My own online income comes primarily through affiliate marketing. (read how to start affiliate marketing)

3. Make money blogging:

Fun and easy (should you think), but if you want to make money blogging it requires stability, good writing skills, and a committed buying-ready audience. The money and earnings are NOT coming immediately.

Once you have a blog, you can make money through google advertising (AdSense), affiliate marketing, digital products, freelancing, courses (online or offline), etc. There are a lot of opportunities to earn online earnings through a blog. But it is hard work.

However, I would like to emphasize that I almost recommend anyone who wants to position themselves, burn themselves, create a name, an income - or opportunities for income along the way - to start a blog.

4. Surveys:

Say your opinion online - and get paid for it
Toluna is a fairly large European company where you can set up (free) and then participate in questionnaires, user surveys and so on. Sometimes it's fun other times a little boring, but it does offer some interesting bonuses and cash gifts. You can exchange your bonuses for products from Zalando, Matas, Footlocker etc. Read more about Toluna here.

5. Make videos for Youtube and Fiverr:

If you are good at creating videos then you can either create a channel on Youtube and ask Google to place advertisements on the channel ("become a Youtube partner"). If people then click on your advertisements, you earn a little bit of money. But if no one looks at your videos (and no one clicks) then it is a waste of time and u earn nothing. In return, you can make money by making small videos and selling them to others. However, it requires that you are skilled - and often you will only earn approx. 30-100kr per video.
But look at whether could be a place you wanted to sell videos?

6. Social media community management:

Many companies we like to be on social media, but either they do not know how or they do not have time. There are therefore many people on the web who work professionally in updating corporate social platforms. So if you are keen on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and can demonstrate it then there are great opportunities to get a solid chance you can handle anywhere - but be aware that you also often commit to being online very often.

7. Write an e-book:

With e-books, "anyone" can become an author. Now, at least, there is no publisher in the way that you can be released - and with ebooks, you also do not have to spend a lot of money on the expensive printing of the paper books.

However, it is not just like writing an e-book that sells. It requires you to have a ready-to-buy audience - and if there are no buyers, then it becomes difficult to make money.

I would recommend you start writing a blog (read how to start a blog free here) and in this way test your writing skills and your topic on an audience. You must also remember to build an enamellist - and at some point, you have received so much feedback from your audience that you know which e-book you should write - and you also get a good sense of whether the audience will buy it.

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