How to Start a Blog for free Step by Step Guide with a Custom Domain

How to Start a Blog for free Step by Step Guide with a Custom Domain - Hi, I have talked about blogging platforms like or, But my recommendation to use a custom domain name for ranking your blog website.
How to start a blog for free

How to Start a Blog for free Get Started Now

If you want to get started your blogging use a free blog site platform. Bust most important reason for setup a custom on your blog site that your domain like this example under below 

  • Example for blog site - your domain name
  • Example for custom domain - your domain name .com
 As your choice, you like and started with a free blog or custom domain, If you want started on free blog for your blog site. first create a gmail Account then login then customize your blog site very eassyly. but you have not a gamil account create your gmail account under below follow my guide.

Open your borwser and brows gmail official website 


Click create account button and fill under this instruction form then click next button.

Now phone verify your created gmail account. If you successfully crete your gmail account. Now you are a ready for enter you blogging plateform beacause google freely provide theyer blogging plateform like gmail, youtube, google drive, goolge plus etc. Now if you have never purchased a domain name, here are guides how to create your blog name, now if you ready to a create your blog site now open your browser and brows blogspot official website, then follow my guide.....


Now click Create Your Blog button then enter your gmail and password now your blog account is ready to for use blog website. next chose your blog website name follow my next step guide..


Put your blog name and blog title as your choise. the click Create Blog button, Now successfully create free blog website. If you want to setup custom domain name in your blog website please follow my next step.


  1. Ability for buy domain
  2. You have paypal, master card etc.
  3. Domain provider selection
  4. Domain name selection
  5. Domain registration
  6. Blogspot hosting
 I recommend you to read it, and decide your domain name which you want ot by. My highly recommend you to try buying a .com domain extention otherwise .info, .org etc as your choice. now thates step guide for how to you buy a custom domain, i have purchased from, now open your browser and go to the visite theyer official website and buy your choses domain simply. now if you want to your domain connected your free blog site go to the your blogspot dashboared and custom domain dashboared then follow my under below guide..

See your blogspot dashboared sidebar and click Setting bar option then  follow this instruction Setting > Basic and you will see an option which says Publishing > Blog address>  + setup a third party URL for your blog click this button and put your custom domain URL then follw next step.

When you adding your custom domain name you will see an error saying message " We have not verify your authority to this domain. Error 32", and it will give 2 - CNAME records and 4 - A records. Now once you have these CNAME details its time to login to your domain contorl panel and make changess.
Notes: Yoou need to adding your domain your with WWW as prefix. (See above screenshot for better understanding for technical expeirence ) Otherwise you have face some problem, now copy this 2 - CNAME of the blogspot dashboard and go to your domain dashboard, follow next step...

you enter your custom domain dashboard then click Manage button, then follow next sreenshot under below.


Now Click Advanced DNS option button then follow next sreenshot for guide next step..

Find ADD NEW RECORD option click this button for put your CNAME on blogspot, follow next step with sreenshot..


When put your blogspot CNAME at a 2 time then your custom blospot Pulished online, now enjoy your best effortable custome domain.

any question this How to Start a Blog for free Step by Step Guide with a Custom Domain Article Please Commenet.

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